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Hail and welcome all my traveling friends!

ThatNomadShop offers travel goods and sustainable, functional art that is exclusive to this store and initiates new modern trends towards fulfilling the growing search for more meaningful consumerism.

Whether you are embarking on overseas adventure travel tours, luxury adventure travel, camping or just on a road trip, I've put together a whole bunch of travel necessities, and some other things to make your journeys easier and safer.

So take a trip around and see if there is anything you need. If you are new to traveling, I suggest you take the store a little more seriously and get an adventure travel kit together.

Some of the products here are for camping too...something for everyone.

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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  • Robert Campbell on

    Great looking store, full of goodies. Let me know when you are open. I will be back.

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