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Hello all you happy nomads! Welcome to ThatNomadShop... 

This where I tell you a bit about myself, so if you are interested, I hope you enjoy my little story…

Recently I decided to supply Travel Goods to other travelers because over the years, I made many mistakes with my travel stuff. So now I can help others get it right at the outset. I also needed a 'borderless' business as being in one job, tied to one place is just not my style. The nomadic lifestyle is in my genes.

My father’s family were a circus troupe who traveled around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands on ships and horse-drawn wagons. I inherited that nomadic gene and seem to be unable to, nor do I have the desire, to stay put for very long. I am in a different place every month, sometimes moving each week or even every few days, depending on which way the wind blows... about me

For years I have lived off my wits, doing art (that's why my picture is a bit weird lol), writing, studying, some short-term work contracts, and doing some trading.

Over the years I have made lists of things I need and want, and I have bought some of those things, which I manage to fit in my car. Some of those purchases, while I thought they would be great, turned out to be superfluous. I just didn’t use them.

I now have my kit down to some important items and it all slots comfortably into my car. When I need to pack my suitcase to travel without my car…out comes what I need and the rest stays in the car. Obviously, you may do things differently.

I have put my lists to good use to help other nomads, or would-be travelers. There is no need to reinvent the wheel as I have listed a whole host of things you would need for traveling, depending on the type of travel you are planning or doing.

If there is anything I have forgotten that you need, please let me know and I will try to find it for you. Everyone has different needs and tastes and I have tried to cater to most of those.

Secondly, as an artist, well I LOVE art and so I want to bring it to your home too. Under the ART  tab, find amazing art to adorn your walls...yes many nomads have walls too.

So come in and browse, bookmark ThatNomadShop.com, and put together your travel kit so you won’t be caught short on your trip.

From one nomad to another…journey well my friends and...

Happy Travels!

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