Tibetan Mantra Bangles Copper Inlaid OM MANI PAD ME HUM

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Tibetan Mantra Bangles

These beautiful handcrafted bracelets combine one of the most significant mantras in Buddhism with traditional Eastern medicine to create meaning and beauty.

To invoke the Buddha of Compassion, called Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit or Chenrezig in Tibetan,Tibetan people say or read the words Om mani padme hum.

Metals like brass, red brass and copper are used in some Eastern medicine traditions to alleviate arthritis and increase circulation.

This beautiful cuff combines these two beliefs. Om mani padme hum is overlaid on the face of the bracelet in Tibetan script.

Take the OM MANI PAD ME HUM mantra with you wherever you go!

Metal: copper alloy, silver color
Figure: open cuff
Width: 27mm
Net weight: 35-38g

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